Jeep Ducking. What is it?

June 26,2024

Its a Jeep Thing.

Jeep ducking isn’t just about rubber ducks—it’s about bonding over a shared love for Jeeps and spreading joy one duck at a time. This global trend proves that a sprinkle of kindness can create a wave of happiness, uniting enthusiasts worldwide in a duck-filled adventure!

Get ready to dive into the whimsical world of Jeep ducking! Jeep owners spreading cheer by sneaking rubber ducks onto each other’s rides, like a playful game of hide-and-seek for grown-ups.

The social media movement really begins to take off in Ontario, Canada, in 2020, when a Jeep enthusiast named Allison Parliament flipped the script on a bad day by gifting a rubber duck to a fellow Jeepster at a rest stop. The gesture of goodwill caught on like wildfire, zipping through the Jeep community faster than a Wrangler on a dirt trail. The Jeep community has suffered a loss with the passing of Allison Parliament. Her impact on Jeep enthusiasts was colossal, and her legacy of spreading warmth through the quirky Jeep ducking tradition will forever unite and uplift Jeep owners around the world.

Here’s how you can get started

Ducks & Tags

Duck Drop

Share the Fun

Get Rubber ducks and scribble notes, sprinkling positivity and camaraderie

Sneakily placing ducks on fellow Jeep rides, creating surprise smiles all around.

Duck recipients spill the beans on social media using hashtags like #DuckDuckJeep, spreading the joy like wildfire

Unwritten Rules for Jeep Ducking

Respect Other Vehicles

Always place the duck on the Jeep gently, avoiding any damage. Common spots include door handles, bumpers, and windshield wipers.

Use Clean Ducks

Ensure the rubber ducks are clean and in good condition to avoid giving a dirty or damaged duck.

Include a Note

Attach a small note or tag to the duck with a message like “You’ve been ducked,” a positive note, #DuckDuckJeep hashtag, or the person’s name or social media handle of who did the ducking.

Be Considerate of Timing and Location

Ducking is best done in public places where the owner can easily find the duck. Avoid private driveways or intrusive locations.

Spread Positivity

Keep the messages friendly and positive.

Social Media Sharing

Consider sharing your ducking experiences on social media using hashtags like #JeepDucking or #DuckDuckJeep.


Pass on the gesture by ducking another Jeep if you’ve been ducked to continue the cycle of kindness. This definitely isn’t a requirement (sometimes you want to keep the cute rubber duck you got—that’s valid), but many people choose to pass any ducks they receive onto other Jeep owners so the game keeps going. If you’re cool parting with the rubber duck you received, set it on any Jeep you see the next time you’re out driving!

No Pressure

Respect that not everyone may be familiar with or appreciate Jeep ducking, and move on if there is no response or engagement.

Stay Safe

Ensure your safety when placing a duck, especially in busy areas like parking lots or roadsides, to keep the experience positive and safe for all involved.

Free Download Jeep Ducking Tag

Download this Free Jeep Ducking Tag to get started ducking today