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We deal with every bank including yours

We deal with them all because banks are not the same when it comes to lending criteria and rates.

This is true regardless of your credit circumstances; excellent or with blemishes.

Since we do this multiple times every day, we know which bank is best suited to your lending needs for the vehicle you wish to purchase.

That is all that our Financial Services Managers do.

When banks compete, you win.

  • No credit, no problem!
  • Refinancing available
  • Low interest car loans

Beattie Dodge Chrysler wants our customers to have an enjoyable and comfortable experience when buying their vehicle. Our experienced and highly trained Business Managers will complete the paperwork for your purchase to ensure you are comfortable with the details and that it is EXACTLY what you agreed to. They will also thoroughly review and explain all the value added products and services that are available to you here at Beattie Dodge Chrysler, including manufacturer’s warranty, as well as make you aware of all financing options available to you. Once you are comfortable with the arrangements and we’ve answered any questions you might have, we will schedule the details of the delivery of your new vehicle!

Our professional Business Managers are at your service to get your loan approved in a relaxed and friendly environment. We appreciate the private manner of our customer’s finances and exercise the utmost in discretion when dealing with you and our bank partners. We also offer peace of mind insurance coverage’s such as life insurance and accident & health insurance designed to protect your well being as well as your credit rating.

Financing your vehicle at Beattie Dodge Chrysler and with our trained professionals couldn’t be easier!

Paying Cash

While the majority of our vehicle purchases at Beattie Dodge Chrysler are done using one of our many bank partners, there are some of our customers that are in a position to pay cash. While having the hard earned money to pay cash is great, there are some things to consider before going forward with a cash purchase. We would be happy to discuss with you to explore all your options.


More and more people are discovering the advantages of leasing a car. Typical leasing benefits include the requirement of less money up front compared to conventional loans, protection from potential negative equity and virtually worry-free driving as most lease terms are within the factory warranty period. Leasing also offers you options at the end of your lease agreement where you can exercise your purchase option and either keep or sell the vehicle, trade the vehicle, or drop off the keys and simply walk away! To determine if leasing is the correct option for you, read more about The Right Lease

We would happy to discuss with you your Lease Options.

Creditor Insurance

Whether purchasing or leasing your vehicle, you have the opportunity to protect your loan or lease with creditor life and disability insurance (assuming you are not older than 69).

Life and disability insurance are available for the vehicle buyer as well as the co-buyer. To qualify, there are no requirements for medical questionnaires, blood tests, urine tests or physical examinations.

If you pay off the loan before it’s’ expiration, you can receive a partial refund for the unused portion. In other words, you only pay for the coverage for the period that you’re using the financial institutions’ money.

A sudden accident or death can result in long term hardship, and accidents know no boundaries. When you factor in the costs of maintaining your mortgage payments, food, clothing, utilities, medical costs and children’s education, it really does make good sense to provide protection against unforeseen hazards.

Life Insurance

Credit life insurance is an ‘asset management plan’. In the event of your death, whether natural or accidental, the remaining financial obligation of the vehicle is paid off by your insurance carrier. It’s the same type of coverage as mortgage insurance. By including credit life insurance, three situations are avoided upon your untimely death.

  1. Paying off the remaining balance of the loan or lease
  2. Finding a suitable individual to take over the balance of payments (this individual must be acceptable to the bank or lessor as well)
  3. Returning the vehicle to the bank or lessor in a repossession or negative equity situation

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance is a ‘payment protection plan’. In the event of your inability to work due to sickness or injury, whether on the job, at home or even on vacation, the payment protection will make the monthly payments on the vehicle.

This protection will continue until you return to work, and is paid even if you receive workplace benefits or private benefits. There is no income tax payable on the benefits, it does not have to be repaid, and there are no limits to the number of claims during the life of the contract. Disability insurance also protects your precious credit rating and ensures peace of mind.

If you’re thinking about getting a new or used vehicle in the Eastern Ontario area we will get you the vehicle you want, at a great price, and smoothly guide you through the financing process. At Beattie Dodge, our team of automotive financial experts is available to answer any car loan questions you may have. No matter what your credit situation, our specialists are here to tailor a finance package to fit your needs. Our experience with a wide variety of financial institutions helps us provide financing for all credit levels.

If you have any questions about your application, or any of the products and services offered by our Business Office, please give us a call, we would love to hear from you!