Beattie Trade-In BONUS CASH Program

March 11,2024

When Maximizing your Trade in Value, Maintenance Matters.

We are so confident we are the best options for service and maintenance on your vehicle we are going to give you $1500 BONUS cash on your trade in

What is Beattie Trade-In Bonus Cash?

Beattie Bonus Cash is an easy way to upgrade. when it is time to upgrade after completing the recommended service plan, your bonus cash can be applied to the purchase of your next vehicle or cash in hand.

Who is Eligible for Trade-In Bonus Cash?

Anyone who owns or finances their vehicle and has completed the recommended maintenance schedule as prescribed by factory requirements with Beattie Dodge Jeep Service Department.

What are the Program Requirements?

There are two requirements for the Trade-In Bonus Cash program. To qualify and receive Bonus Cash, you must meet the following criteria:

1. Vehicle must be purchased and maintained at Beattie Dodge.

2. Dealership must have record of completed recommended service plan on file

Is Bonus Cash Transferable?

Yes. It can be applied to the value of your trade in or the purchase of your next vehicle through Beattie Dodge. Trade-In Bonus Cash is transferable to members of the same household. So, if you want to pass it on to your spouse or a young driver in your home, you’re eligible to do that.