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Spring Tire Swap. Everything You Need to Know.

Get Ready for the Spring Tire Shuffle!
Spring marks a crucial pit stop for your wheels, especially here in Brockville Ontario, Canada, known for its unpredictable weather shifts. Let’s dive into why this tire swap is a big deal

Enhanced Performance

Bid farewell to your winter tires and welcome summer or all-season tires that excel in warmer temperatures with superior grip, handling, and braking capabilities on both dry and wet roads.

Safety Priority

Ensuring your tires match the season is vital for road safety. Winter tires may underperform in hot weather, affecting your vehicle’s handling and braking on dry roads. Transitioning to summer or all-season tires in spring keeps you and other drivers safe.

Cost Savings at the Pump

Give your winter tires a break during the warmer months to boost fuel efficiency. Summer and all-season tires reduce resistance, leading to lower fuel consumption and a greener planet.

Tire Care

Let your winter tires rest in the summer to prolong their lifespan, saving you money by extending the intervals between tire changes. It is crucial they are stored properly in a cool dry place away from sunlight.

Compliance Matters

Adhering to local regulations on winter tire usage by switching them out in spring keeps you in line with the law. Additionally, being proactive about tire changes might earn you a discount from your insurance provider.

Smooth Ride

Experience a quiet and smooth journey with summer or all-season tires, known for their comfort on the road. Seasonal tire swaps can transform every drive into a pleasant experience, especially during long highway trips.

Don’t Wait, Book Yours Now

The spring tire swap is your key to optimal performance, safety, fuel efficiency, and road-trip comfort. Ensure your wheels run smoothly, your budget stays intact, and your drives remain stress-free by giving your tires the seasonal swap they deserve. It might be a touch too soon to do the swap, but its not too soon to beat the RUSH and book your appointment NOW.

Save $50 with Beattie Spring Tire Swap & Alignment Special

Tire ON Rims:
Peace of Mind Multipoint inspection with synthetic oil change
Seasonal Tire change WITH storage
Tire Off Rims:
Peace of Mind Multipoint inspection with synthetic oil change
Seasonal Tire change mount & balance
Tire storage

7 Simple Reasons to Service at Beattie Dodge Jeep

Planning Ahead

In the world of automotive care, dealership maintenance stands out as the ultimate choice. Despite the convenience of other options, dealership service offers unmatched expertise, genuine parts, and advanced technology. Let’s explore why it’s the best decision for ensuring your vehicle’s longevity and performance.

Your vehicle purchase is the second largest purchase in life next to a home. With a sizeable investment in a vehicle whose resale value depreciates quickly, proper upkeep and maintenance is critical. You have dozens of different options to choose from when doing maintenance on your new purchase. With so many options available, why is going to an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) dealership still your best choice? Here are 7 simple reasons to bring your new vehicle back to Beattie dodge Jeep for service.

1. Warranty

Only an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) dealership like Beattie Dodge Jeep will be able to honor your vehicle’s factory warranty. A non-OEM garage will not be aware of your vehicle’s factory warranty and you could end up paying for repairs that we can cover at no charge to you.

2. Genuine Mopar Parts

OEM Mopar parts are made specifically for your vehicle and are designed to make your vehicle perform at the peak of its efficiency. You have the peace of mind of knowing that the parts going on your vehicle are designed for your vehicle and come with a warranty. Remember, less expensive after-market parts can sometimes mean more expensive repairs down the road. Mopar Parts are better quality and can be a bit higher in price but they will last longer and fit better— not like aftermarket parts like those sold at quick lube shops.

3. Certified & Specialized Technicians

When your vehicle is being repaired at our dealerships, you’ll receive service from certified technicians. This means that they have been trained by the manufacturer and are able to fix problems with your vehicle more efficiently than someone who isn’t Chrysler Certified. Chrysler Certified Technicians are also more likely to be able to diagnose issues with your vehicle because they have been trained and have experience with our brand!

The end result means less time and money wasted on unnecessary work.

Mike Ayerst- Shop Forman

4. Advanced Diagnostic Equipment

Beattie Dodge Jeep stock advanced diagnostic equipment specifically programmed to your brand’s various makes and models. That means your vehicle’s issues can be diagnosed more accurately and quickly saving you time and money. Without this diagnostic equipment a non-OEM garage will most often make an “educated guess” as to the problem your vehicle might be experiencing. Don’t leave your vehicle’s health to “educated guesses”.

Get it fixed RIGHT the first time.

5. Specialized Resources

One of the key resources we have other than physical tools is access to resources like Techline. Techline combines the knowledge of thousands of certified Chrysler technicians across Canada and the U.S. to problem solve and list commonly known issues. Experience and knowledge makes a huge difference when servicing your vehicle.

Beattie Dodge Jeep has also invested in over $750,000 of specialty tools Specifically made for Specific vehicles. Without these tools a technician Cannot complete the job correctly.

6. Personalized Small Town Service

As a local family run business that has been in the heart of downtown Brockville for over 40 years, your customer experience means everything to us. We pride ourselves on the relationships we build with out valued clients. Our Dealerships will take the time to know you AND your vehicle’s unique needs by:

7. Resale Value

We will always try and get you the most for your trade in, especially if we have been been providing service on that vehicle. Having a full list of service records from a reputable dealership can actually increase the value of your vehicle when you go to sell it down the line. Seeing service records of consistent maintenance from a dealership shows potential buyers that your car is in great shape and has the records to prove it.

We Have a Trade-In Bonus Cash program when you do your maintenance at Beattie.

Click to learn More!

The Beattie Difference

“At Beattie Dodge Jeep and Price Point Auto, we work hard to know you and know your vehicle. We are a locally owned, community minded Dealership that will go out of our way to personalize your Client experience. And if problems happen, where else can you talk directly to the owner? Thank- you for trusting your vehicle purchase to us. We don’t see you as a customer- we see you as a client!”

Kevin Beattie- President

Beattie Trade-In BONUS CASH Program

When Maximizing your Trade in Value, Maintenance Matters.

We are so confident we are the best options for service and maintenance on your vehicle we are going to give you $1500 BONUS cash on your trade in

What is Beattie Trade-In Bonus Cash?

Beattie Bonus Cash is an easy way to upgrade. when it is time to upgrade after completing the recommended service plan, your bonus cash can be applied to the purchase of your next vehicle or cash in hand.

Who is Eligible for Trade-In Bonus Cash?

Anyone who owns or finances their vehicle and has completed the recommended maintenance schedule as prescribed by factory requirements with Beattie Dodge Jeep Service Department.

What are the Program Requirements?

There are two requirements for the Trade-In Bonus Cash program. To qualify and receive Bonus Cash, you must meet the following criteria:

1. Vehicle must be purchased and maintained at Beattie Dodge.

2. Dealership must have record of completed recommended service plan on file

Is Bonus Cash Transferable?

Yes. It can be applied to the value of your trade in or the purchase of your next vehicle through Beattie Dodge. Trade-In Bonus Cash is transferable to members of the same household. So, if you want to pass it on to your spouse or a young driver in your home, you’re eligible to do that.

Client Referral Program

It Pays to Shop Local at Beattie Dodge Jeep in Brockville

Our Referral program is to reward happy customers for positive feedback and referrals to Beattie Dodge Jeep. Encourages earning money through recommendations. Focus on ensuring enjoyable and rewarding car shopping experience.

How Does it Work?

The Referral Program works by sharing your positive experience at Brockville Beattie Dodge Jeep with your family and friends. Simply refer them to the Salesperson you dealt with. If that Salesperson successfully sells a vehicle to your referral, you will receive a monetary reward. The more successful referrals you do, the more money you can make!

What Are The Rules?

Beattie Client Referral pay program
Beattie Client Referral pay program

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